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Different Types of Landscape Irrigation

Landscaping irrigation has become an important part of landscaping. Landscaping involves the designing of a piece of land with the use of grass, trees and other types of plants. The main purpose of landscaping is not simply to plant trees and shrubs around the properly, but mostly because people want to have their houses made beautiful with the use of these trees and houses because the idea of having a beautiful home appeals to people.

Setting up a garden may not be difficult, but making that garden look beautiful over the years is something that is not as easy to do. One of the most important factors in landscape maintenance is the supply or availability of water. Regular watering is required by a lot of plants. There are many different irrigation systems to use which can help maintain a garden. Plants differ from each other and there are those that need a lot of daily water supply but there are also those that don’t need daily watering.

The first type is the rainwater irrigation system which is beneficial for plants because they are free from toxins and chemicals that are used by local water supply authority to treat and purify them. Larger and healthier plants also grow with rainwater. Harvesting rainwater during rainy days will give you an adequate supply of water even during dry days when there is less rainfall and local regulations make you use less water.
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Another type is the drip irrigation system which is run by electricity and lets water run continuously. This is beneficial for plants because they are provided with targeted and specialized watering but it can turn out to be very expensive because of the cost of electricity used by the irrigation pumps. If you have a solar powered irrigation system, then this helps in reducing cost and can still deliver the benefits of a drip irrigation system.
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Another type is the sprinkler irrigation system which is like falling rain. In this system, water is pumped into pipes connected to spray heads which sprays the water to distances that are pre-determined so it falls on the garden like raindrops. Another type of sprinkler system is the in-ground sprinkler system which has its pipes and sprinklers buried underground. Here there is a lower chance of your sprinkler being damaged by animals.

These sprinkler systems have many variations and people choose them for various reasons like water availability, local regulations, budget, and personal preference. A lot of people are at a loss as to what irrigation system to put in their landscape so that it gives them the most cost effective solution for their particular landscape, and the best course of action to take is to seek the help or advice of a professional irrigation contractor since they can help you design an irrigation system which is suitable for your needs.