Odi Lostcast 62 – Interview With Henry Ian Cusick

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Hey All,
Earlier today I had a chance to speak with LOST Actor Henry Ian Cusick who plays the fan favorite Desmond Hume.

It was a fun little interview and he was really candid with his replies. We chatted about the Desmond and Penny relationship, filming some scenes such as the call in The Constant and the Underwater scene in Happily Ever After. I also asked him some questions about last week’s episode and what we should expect from Desmond.

I did ask him how much we will see Bandar Ceme Desmond and he did give an answer. We also talk about if he was satisfied with how Desmond ends the season and he talks about there being a secret scene in the finale that no one knows about yet, but will be filmed soon.

Since there are some minor spoilers and potential minor finale spoilers Andy asked me to post a link to the podcast in the spoilers section.

The interview was posted to iTunes earlier today, but below is a link to the audio player and download link for those that can not access iTunes.

Thanks to all of you that submitted questions and I hope you all enjoy!

Listen here: