Latest From Kristin – 14Th April 2010

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We May See Libby Again. “It’s great because it’s kind of an open ending the way the episode ended. And there’s word that Libby [Cynthia] will be back. It’ll be interesting to see how it closes the story.”

Desmond Is Definitely Special. “I like the way Desmond’s character has kind of become this almost magical being that kind of facilitates things and makes things happen,” Jorge told me. “It’s exciting, the Bandar Ceme Online idea now that we’re remembering the [island]. And what does that mean and how that’s all gonnaΓǪwhat’s gonna happen?”

Death Is Coming. I hate to be the bearer of bad–no, make that gut-wrenching–news, but I would definitely keep the Kleenex box on standby for the next few episodes. I’m told that one of them is a game-changer in which we will some serious tragedy. As in, loss of life. As in, life that the fans truly truly care about. I’m tearing up just thinking about it so…Get ready.

Source: E!Online