Jorge Garcia Teases Tonight’s Episode

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Thanks to Annie for the heads up.

Lost fans are still buzzing about last week’s “Happily Ever After” episode, which finally began making sense of the two timelines and how love plays into it all.

Well, Tuesday night’s Hurley-centric episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo,” continues with that Bandar Ceme theme. Although actor Jorge Garcia was tight-lipped about it in a recent interview, he did say this:

“There’s definitely a turning point about to happen,” Garcia said. “Right around the middle of the season, all those deja vu moments in the sideways timeline, you’ll see stuff come to a head and the whole season turns the corner. And stuff really gets interesting.”

“Everybody Loves Hugo” will show more of Hurley’s life in the sideways timeline. Viewers saw a glimpse of that in a previous episode when he appeared to Locke as the successful entrepreneur who owns the company Locke worked for. But there’s more to Mr. Reyes than that.

“This new Hurley episode shows that everything seems great for Hurley, but maybe not everything’s great,” Garcia said.

The episode marks the return of Harold Perrineau, Cynthia Watros and Lillian Hurst as Hurley’s mother. There’s also a special guest star that Garcia announced on his blog.

The cast and crew are currently working on the top-secret series finale, which is scheduled to wrap on April 24. Of course, Garcia kept mum about that as well but did say he was “very satisfied” with the way “Lost” ends.

And that was with a chunk of the finale script still missing.

Source: LA Times